May 18, 2019 @ 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Private home
$20 ($5 for students if notified in advance)

Reservations required: email HouseConcerts@fssgb.org for reservations and directions.

When Steve Cormier sings classic cowboy ballads, we feel we are hearing them for the first time. He combines his experience as a working ranch hand with his love of history and his knack for spinning a good yarn. Suddenly the songs are more than just sentimental reminders of a imagined past–we sense the danger, the loneliness, and the politics early cowboys faced in following their trade. Steve’s dry humor and ability to TELL the songs lead us from the past into the present. In sharing his own catchy songs, he reminds us that cowboy life and humor are very much alive today. Steve’s guitar accompaniment, rich with southwestern dance rhythms, are memorable.

Steve is as far as you can get from being a rhinestone cowboy. From his life as a working cowboy and rodeo hand in the Flint Hills of Kansas and Eastern New Mexico, on through a career as a history professor, and when he’s on tour singing and playing guitar, Steve is the real deal. When you listen to Steve sing, you can close your eyes and you’re there, sitting by the campfire at night, trying to decide on whether to have one more cup of coffee before rolling in, or in the bunkhouse after the stories have died down and all you need is a little music before the lamp is blown out. This is the music of the West. The music of hardship and trials and laughter and love. Steve Cormier takes you there and lets you enjoy your stay.